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Friday, June 20, 2008

Work, work, and work. And work.

As much as I hate to admit it myself... I've been really inactive in the blogosphere these few weeks... Not that I do not like blogging anymore (anyways I still did take time to read blogs, just that I did not update mine), but my current lifestyle wouldn't allow anymore of my time to be allocated on this.

Trust me I'd really hate to say this but it's real, apart of the time that I had for my meals and sleeps (which, never exceeded 6 hours recently), I had my hands and mind full of assignments, activities, clubs and societies. Being part of the Talent Night 2008 committee really drained it out of me, but that's not all, with now I'm the committee of Community Service Society and Music Club, I don't see the reason why I shouldn't label my current life as H.E.C.T.I.C.

What's more with me now taking the Broadcasting course, which in fact requires you to be really active in all sorts of industry-related activities (outdoor video shooting, WATCHING TV(!), listening to radio, presentations, interactions and etc.), dedication is a must.

But still I won't regret taking so many things at once because at the end, it's worth it. For instance it really enlighten me to see that the Talent Night 2008 was a huge success (though major and minor problems did popped out, whichever event does not?) despite the tiring (really freaking tiring) process.

One big freaking regret though... I couldn't attend THE first and ever launch of MGS4 at Low Yatt with my dear friend because it clashed with the Talent Night... Though I heard it was lame but still... it's SNAKE man!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


In correspond to Time Assassin's comment on my new boom-boom system, the Evo 5 Pro, I would like to firstly declare that Evo 5 Pro IS DEFINITELY superior to its "successor", the Evo 7, which is just another washed out "useless-box-of-junk-which-makes-sound" and which I never ever and never will classify it as a speaker system in the whole of my damn life.

Print this image in your mind and avoid it as far as your life goes.

The performance of this Evo 7 is greatly overwhelmed by its high power output (Woofer 24 Watts, Speakers 8 Watts each) than the Evo 5 Pro (Woofer 18 Watts), I've compared between them before I finally decided to settle with Evo 5 Pro. The Evo 7 started to sound funny and cracky when its treble and bass were tuned to the max while Evo 5 Pro was still able to sound very good and maintain its crisp clear, bassy output.

Forget about Lucky "7" in Final Fantasy "7" or "7" Eleven or the "7's" in the slot machines, "7" is not a lucky number all the time. At least you wouldn't want to get your hands dirty with this Evo 7, stay the hell away from it.

*I couldn't find any difference between the award-winning Evo 5 and the Evo 5 Pro (which is also been labled as "double award-winning") except some design refinements.*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

World Milk Day

Look at your calendar, can you see the date? Yes, June 1st is the day, the day where the milk lovers rejoice.

Happy World Milk Day, now go and juice... I mean milk, the cow.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

My new Boom Boom System.

DSC01707 DSC01708

A very special great huge giant thanks to my Jia Li sis, for this magnificent gift. I went all boom-boom in my room now... the bass is just acting... great.

I could seriously use a larger table now.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"We are for the BIG."

Bobba: I'm sure watching the Parliament meeting will be as exciting as watching EPL featuring MU and Chelsea.

Jimma: And why is that.

BobbaL I don't know, the MP's seemed more exciting then the audience itself. So I guess it would be fun watching yea.

Jimma: Oh, Dr. M's quit UMNO.

Bobba: I see they're either puttin' up a good fight or putting up a good circus show.

Jimma: I'm worried.

Bobba: Who's not?

Jimma: I think something big is coming...

Welcome to hell.

Bobba: So what's this now? Natural Disasters Fest?

Jimma: I'm not sure about that Bobba, I'd rather call it the Coming-True-of-The-Long-Hallucinated-Judgement-Day.

Bobba: All along I didn't know you're a top-down Christian.

Jimma: No I'm not, I'm a disciple of

Bobba: "Until we are atoned for our sin"?

Jimma: 180,000 of approximated casualties, 130,000 in Vietnam and 50,000 in China, and still rising. Holy Yevon Christ that's like a great army of football players!

Bobba: What's the world coming to?

Jimma: Not Alice's Wonderland, that's for sure.

I had just donated RM5 today for the Sizhuan victims, not much, not that I have much in my wallet anyway. But have you done your part today? :)

Hi, look who's in the house.

Bobba: And I was eff'ed for the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety ninth time just a couple of days ago, for not updating my blog.

Jimma: You know you deserved that Bobba.

Bobba: No Jimma you don't understand, lots had happened.

Jimma: Yea "life has been crazy the last few months" right?

Bobba: Does the toasting of my motherboard count?

Jimma: Not going to happen. But hey, for the third time? In a year?

Bobba: Case in point.